Lehigh County Lawyer’s Charitable Fund Grant


The Bar Association of Lehigh County (“BALC”) has established a fund with the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation known as the Lehigh County Lawyer’s Charitable Fund.  The Fund is made possible by the generosity of our members.  On an annual basis, BALC awards grants of up to $5,000.00 each to selected Lehigh Valley 501(c)(3) organizations.  Interested Lehigh Valley 501(c)(3) organizations are invited to submit a grant Application to BALC in accordance with the below Application Guidelines.

2018-2019 Theme is “Summer School Programs & Camps”.  The committee will make a concerted effort to review applications from area nonprofits that benefit this year’s theme. Please keep this in mind when preparing your application.

Application Guidelines

To apply for a Lehigh County Lawyer’s Charitable Fund Grant, Applicants must comply with each of the following:

  1. Each Applicant must be a 501(c)(3) corporation in good standing, which maintains an active presence in the Lehigh Valley, and provides a product or service which benefits Lehigh Valley communities and/or residents.
  2. Complete the Grant Application 2018-2019 and required narrative.
  3. E-mail the completed Application and the narrative as a single file to the BALC Executive Director, Ray Bridgeman at: rbridgeman@lehighbar.org.  In the Subject Line reference: Application for Lehigh County Lawyer’s Charitable Fund Grant.  Questions regarding the grant process should be directed to Mr. Bridgeman at (610) 433-6204, ext. 15.
  4. Applications must be received by 5 p.m., October 31st.  Applications not received by the deadline will not be considered.

Please note that:

  • $5,000 USD is the maximum award (unless special approval is received by the BALC Board of Directors).  Smaller grant requests are encouraged.
    • The proposed use of Lehigh County Lawyer’s Charitable Funds must provide some clear benefit to the Lehigh Valley as a whole, its communities, and residents in the form of providing needed services, new knowledge, developing or sharing of resources, or good practice in learning, teaching, or assessment, or providing disaster relief.
    • Applicants not selected for grants are encouraged to submit an Application the following year.
    • Successful Applicants agree to provide to BALC, no later than July 1st of the year in which the grant is awarded, a brief written summary detailing how the Grant was utilized or will be utilized by the end of the calendar year, and authorizing BALC to post the summary on the BALC website.
    • Funds from the LCLC Fund Grant may not be used for:
      • Registration for, travel to, or accommodation at conferences;
      • Internal staff training and development (although this maybe a secondary outcome); and
      • Fundraising.

Process for Making Awards

The BALC Community Services Committee will evaluate the Applications and make recommendations to the BALC Board of Directors on grant recipients.  Final Approval will be decided by the BALC Board of Directors.  All applications will be considered confidential.  Grants will be awarded in the first quarter of the year following the Application deadline.