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Bar Association of Lehigh County Operation Update

The Bar Association of Lehigh County Building is closed to the general public and events until further notice.  The staff is working remotely, and operations are continuing, please be patient if responses are delayed during this period.  Please use email addresses below for best communications:


Lehigh Law Journal:


Lawyer Referral:

Or Fax: 610-770-9826


Electronic versions of The Lehigh Law Journal at

Or  (This is a statewide searchable data base)

“Job Description: Trial Judge”, a memoir by The Honorable Robert K. Young for sale

Job Description: Trial Judge

By: The Honorable Robert K. Young (Retired)

“The Trial Judge book is not a biography. It is a memoir of the eleven and a half year period of the life spent as a Common Pleas Court Judge. I endeavored to describe the job of a county trial judge to my great grandchildren. I also hope that others, especially students interested in becoming lawyers, will find it interesting and informative.”


The Honorable Robert K. Young’s book is on sale now at the BALC.  All proceeds will go to benefit the Lehigh County Lawyers’ Charitable Fund.  Each year, grants from the Fund are made to charitable programs and organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley as recommended by the Bar Association.


$18.00 per book plus shipping and handling.

Contact Ray at to request your copy by mail.

Please feel free to stop by the BALC Building to purchase your copy and save on shipping and handling cost.  1114 W. Walnut St, Allentown, PA, 18102.