Legal Complaints

If your complaint concerns Professional Conduct or Ethical Matters, please visit here.

The Bar Association of Lehigh County maintains a Fee Dispute Committee to resolve disputes involving fees charged between lawyers who are member of the Bar Association and their clients.   Unless prior to hearing the parties agree to be bound by the decision of the committee, the decision is advisory only and are not binding upon the parties.

Participation in the Fee Dispute Committee process is voluntary for both the client and the attorney.  The client begins the process by filing a written complaint with the Bar Association of Lehigh County.  The complaint with supporting documents will be forwarded to the Fee Dispute Committee for review.  If they determine the complaint is appropriate for a hearing, a letter will be sent to the Attorney requesting participation.  The parties will be notified by mail of the status of the complaint and Committee’s decision.  The attorney will be provided with a copy of the client’s complaint and documentation, if it is requested.

The Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct is a lengthy document that the local bar association does not have available for provision to the general public. The Rules may be accessed on the internet. Simply search for “Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct” via your search engine. You also may review these rules, which are a part of the Pennsylvania Rules of Court, at your local library or at the Lehigh County Law Library that is located in the Lehigh County Courthouse.

A client may initiate a request for fee dispute committee consideration by submitting the written complaint to the bar association, along with copies of substantiating materials if available. Do not send original materials.  Phone calls and electronic submissions will not be accepted.

Send written complaints to:

The Bar Association of Lehigh County
Attn: Fee Dispute Committee
1114 West Walnut Street
Allentown, PA 18102-4734